• Client: Lloyd's Register
    Client: Lloyd's Register

    In partnership with the client, to develop and train, a highly inspiring and practical residential leadership programme suitable for middle and senior managers alike, that would challenge thinking, and build greater competence within the population.
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  • Client: Aviator - A Hotel by TAG
    Client: Aviator - A Hotel by TAG

    To provide personality (psychometric) profiling for key senior roles being recruited for the hotel to ensure informed recruitment choices and the base for development planning for the future.
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  • Luxury Retail Brand
    Luxury Retail Brand

    “Justine helped us to design coaching training to ensure the effective implementation of a worldwide change initiative."
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  • Executive Search Business
    Executive Search Business

    “We have used Justine's services on numerous projects over the years including executive coaching with newly appointed senior executives and as a key part of our talent verification process."
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  • Client: The Grove
    Client: The Grove

    Design and facilitation of a practical two day workshop to address the challenges of optimal collaborative working within two parallel teams with the end goal to ensure the quality of the guest journey is maximised.

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Justine is an excellent and inspiring executive coach. With a style that is both supportive and challenging, Justine is brilliant at helping unpick one's inner most feelings. The result isn't just a collection of future challenges; it is a clear path to enhanced performance and a greater sense of well-being. I would commend Justine to anyone interested in receiving insightful coaching and the opportunity to maximise their potential.