Context: Aviator is a luxury independent hotel in Farnborough, on the Surrey / Hampshire border. It was created by TAG Group in 2008 as a hotel for elite travellers moving between London and the world's leading destinations. It demands the highest expectations of professionalism and adaptability from its staff at all levels, but particularly from the senior management team at the hotel.

Output: My relationship with the hotel began pre-opening in 2008 when I was asked to provide personality assessments at the final stages of recruitment for the whole of the senior team. The practice has remained in place for many roles that have subsequently been replaced throughout the last six years. Both the client at Aviator and the candidates themselves are given full feedback about the personality preferences of the individual applicants and the likely impact of their preferences on their day to day approach to work. This allows for a more in depth, informed and fruitful discussion at final stages, when it is so important that both parties are happy with their recruitment choices.

Most recently I have been working with the hotel’s CFO, following the use of the profiling in selecting a Head of Sales, Deputy General Manager and General Manager to consider the likely working approaches of these key figures, thinking specifically of how they will interrelate and how their natural preferences will work with each other and with other members of the senior team. It has also enabled the client to consider where development activity should be centred for individuals and for the team as a whole.

A comment from the client is contained below:

“Personality profiling has always been integral to the successful employment of senior roles at Aviator. Having worked with Justine for some time now, I really value her opinion and find her extremely professional, approachable and honest. We’ve recently extended the remit of Justine to include a mentoring programme for senior managers.“


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Justine is an excellent and inspiring executive coach. With a style that is both supportive and challenging, Justine is brilliant at helping unpick one's inner most feelings. The result isn't just a collection of future challenges; it is a clear path to enhanced performance and a greater sense of well-being. I would commend Justine to anyone interested in receiving insightful coaching and the opportunity to maximise their potential.